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Saving Lives through Defensive Driving and Highway Safety Programs for Teen Drivers

2020 National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 18th to 24th

Imagine what it’s like to be your teen today. They have a whole new set of distractions on top of the same old risks. Now is the perfect time of year to for you to have a conversation about your kids’ safety moving forward.

Cell phones, social media, selfies, to-go cups of lattes, satellite radio stations to surf and playlists to listen to. Today’s teen drivers have more risk factors than ever and distractions such as the “need for speed” and a carload of boisterous friends.

All of this is taking a disheartening toll to the tune of 2,121 people killed in crashes involving a teen driver (15-18 years old) in 2018 and vehicle crashes continuing to be the leading cause of teen deaths.

The Delaware Safety Council is teaming up with Office of Highway Safety to protect our teen drivers and in doing so helping keep people safe and healthy throughout Delaware.

Safe Driving

Dusk and Dawn

As our days get shorter and nights get longer, the sun can shine directly into drivers eyes, leaving many motorists driving with a glare.

Sun glare isn’t limited to driving towards the sun. It also has a dangerous effect when the sun is setting or rising behind you while driving. Sunlight can bounce off your rearview mirror/side mirror causing momentary blindness.

  • Stay alert, slow down and leave a greater space between you and the other vehicles.

Prepare your vehicle for driving at dusk and dawn:  

Safe Driving - Dusk and Dawn.pdf  


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