Our mission is to promote the protection of life and health in the workplace, in the home, on the highway, and in the community by actively providing education/training resources and service.

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Saving Lives through Defensive Driving and Highway Safety Programs for Teen Drivers

Fatalities caused by falls from an elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 401 of the 1,061 construction fatalities recorded in 2019 (BLS data). Those deaths were preventable.

However, falls from ladders, even a stepladder used in the home, office or general worksite can cause serious injury. 

What is a Safety Stand-Down?

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about safety. Any workplace can hold a stand-down.

Companies not exposed to fall hazards, can use this opportunity to talk with employees about the other job hazards they face, such slips, trips, fire, emergencies, PPE, and the company's safety policies and goals. 

Do you know what “Three Points-of-Contact” means? Whether you are a homeowner, office worker, construction or general industry, these words are important. "Two Feet and a Hand or Two Hands and a Foot", when using a ladder.

Ladders are tools. Basic safety rules apply to the safe use of a ladder:

  • Use the right ladder for the job. Ensure the ladder is high enough to reach the work area without having to stand on the top rung.
  • If you feel tired, dizzy, or are prone to losing your balance, stay off the ladder.
  • Wear clean slip-resistant shoes. Shoes with leather soles are not appropriate for ladder use since they are not sufficiently slip resistant.
  • Before using a ladder, inspect it to ensure it's in good working condition.


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April 28th, 2021 is the 50 Anniversary of OSHA beginning its mission to protect the safety and health of America's Workers.

Many of us might not have been in the workforce when OSHA adopted the first standards, but now we are learning, training, and working with new revisions to these as well as newly adopted standards.

1971: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established.

In 1972 the first standard on asbestos was adopted, followed by construction, coke oven emissions, cotton dust, lead and many more.

The 80’s brought VPP, Hazard Communication and significant standards, like Benzene and Lockout/Tagout.

The 90’s gave us stronger protections for workers from falls, bloodborne pathogens, toxic substances, and working in confined spaces.

The 2000’s had many new challenges like 9/11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina, new directives for fall protection and the latest in 2020, when OSHA launches historic response in January to protect workers during COVID-19 pandemic, and issues guidance to address the shortage of respirators.

Please join OSHA in making a renewed commitment to keeping workers safe and healthy - it is every worker's right.

Use the link and scroll arrows to travel through the decades to view the accomplishments that were made to protect American Workers

50th Anniversary of OSHA

Workers Day Memorial



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